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Saeid Borna is an Iranian/Austrian Pianist, producer and a world music musician, based in Vienna, Austria.

During his adolescent years, he attended the classes held by maestro Rohani and mastered Persian scales in traditional Iranian music. At the Vienna he continued his music education and graduated as a major Jazz Pianist in 2017.

Saeid is a versatile musician, able to play various piano styles. From Jazz swing of New Orleans and Latin music to the Eastern European style and Iranian traditional music in several traditional scales.

Saeid has developed his signature over the period. The nuances and various dynamics on the piano, a string of consecutive harmonizations, and reharmonizations make his music stand out. He tries to combine Persian/ Middle Eastern music with western harmonies.

He has released two Instrumental albums in collaboration with several artists: The Armenian Jazz Piano, Silky Monday, and he is preparing his third album.

Saeid has collaborated with many outstanding singers and musicians of various styles, whose collaboration and the sharing of the stage with left a lasting influence on Saeid’s music career. His musical influence made Saeid embrace the world’s music, meet many fellow musicians of Syrian and Kurdish origin, and work and grow with them.